Ambrosius (Literally means "Immortal") is a clan who utilizes there unique bloodline limits to allow them to commune with nature in a unique way, which makes them quite different then the standard Ninjutsu, while at the same time, the more dedicated Ambrosius could be described as a druid. They seem nomadic somewhat switching from place to place in attempts to bring back nature needs to be or so the story say, which is why their clan name is immortal, signifying that Nature itself will always come through, otherwise, it is immortal


The clan history changes by the vintage of the man. Those from generations passed would have to claim them being one of the eldest about, while for many others they seem to be something of a new invention. A nursery rhyme commonly passed around the Fire Country as a bed time story for the young-lings was of a man named Desirius went around and created all the nature surrounding the village, giving its luscious forest with its captivating beauty. Depending where the nursery rhyme is told, it may be the entire planet he cultivated all the plants but much about the man seems unknown. He is regarded as just by the members of the Ambrosius clan to be the first, original Ambrosius.

The clan is now widely regarded as a bunch of farmers to the populace of the Rice Country. They are known all throughout the Ninja World for producing the best Vegetables and Fruit around. As a clan all together their numbers seem to be dwindling as there people seem to be dieing down. The Ambrosius as of later generations have also seem to have grown a connection with the Kumogakure based Nimbus Clan. The best example of this is Jay Nimbus, who’s mother was in fact an Ambrosius and his father a Nimbus.

Currently the latest and greatest generation of Ambrosius take root in Kirigakure, where they write there tale under the protective watch of the Mizukage


Even without the use of chakra a normal Ambrosius seems to have a green thumb which extends through the farming of the Ambrosius farms in the Rice Country. The applicable uses of the Kekkei Genkai seem to be used due to the flexiability of there Raw Chakra, which in a regular ninja can not be used for anything. The Ambrosius’s raw chakra can however be converted into “Life Energy” which is used by the Ambrosius to mend and mold nature to their will. Depending on their skill they can create different elements of nature, however it should be noted there has only been rumours of a single Ambrosius who was ever able to create trees out of nothing, and that mans name is Desirius.

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The Current Ambrosius Family Tree. Completely Accurate to Five Generations