Clans in SSO usually have a form of Technique that they have unique to the people within it. The techniques come in two forms either as Kekkei Genkai or simply jutsus that are secret.
Konoha Clans

The clans of Konoha.

Clans Edit

  • Uchiha: Keepers of the Sharingan. They possess many different Katon Jutsu and the ability to use the Sharingan. In many SSO Wipes and universes a majority of their members are either evil or destructive. Konoha Exclusive.
  • Hyuuga: Keepers of the Byakugan. Possess the power to see through objects and also see the Chakra Points on a body. Their Clan is known for their branch and main families and the Cursed Seal members of the branch wear. Konoha Exclusive.
  • Nara: Possesses the clan ability to control their shadows.
  • Akimichi: Calorie Manipulating Clan. Usually are heavy weight.
  • Inuzaka: Dog Trainers, They train dogs to serve as ninjas and sensors
  • Itako: Paper Specialists
  • Aburame: Are implanted with Bugs when the clan decides to pass on their clan secrets.
  • Senju: Geniuses and keepers of the Will of Fire
  • Noyamano: Boil Release
  • Hozuki: Body Liquification
  • Kaguya: Bone Manipulation
  • Moon: Steel Release Users
  • Paidful: Taijutsu users that use their Kekkei Genkai to increase their strength and speed, their chakra and muscles react to alchohol granting them these abilities. Weapon users. Kirigakure Exclusive.
  • Ambrosius: Nature Release
  • Kiyani: Noble Clan of Kirigakure who naturally have Fuuton.
  • Kubureido: Weapon Users that use chakra to merge their weapons with their very being making them formidable opponents due to their ability to conceal many weapons and use them in a variety of ways. Konoha Exclusive.
  • Nimbus: Storm Release
  • Fukuzashi: Red Chakra
  • Sakujak: Blast Release
  • Memori: Dragon-like clan, grow wings and tail and the ability to breath fire.
  • Karasu: Bird-like clan
  • Yukibuki: Ice Release
  • De'Latte: Skilled in Iron Sand (Magnetical Fields)
  • Shingan: Crystal Manipulation
  • Quills: A clan of kirigakure that has shark-like qualities.
  • Seighart: Clan that has the ability to leech others chakra