Clan Legend

Story tells that in the country of the wind a giant man with a powerful affinity to nature had traveled the desert for some time when he eventually came across some women living in the caves to avoid the terrible sandstorms and fighting of their men. Calling himself "Enzeru" he sought a partner who would bear him children as pure as the Sun. He stood 8ft tall with a thin corded frame from a life of travel, and had long unkempt white hair like the mane of an animal, yet he was handsome and had a touch of destiny about him and before long a woman had assured him that she could provide him with such babes as she was virgin of heart and body. Satisfied Enzeru took her to be his own and they Wed at sunset on a cliff overlooking the country. By dawn she with child and Enzeru returned her to his people so that she could be safe whilst he sought further inspiration from nature.

In the months that past the men returned to the caves with tales of the wars, to make children and prepare for the seasons skirmishes, one man turned to the mother and reacted in anger. He claimed she had promised herself to the man and by the Sun's rise and set had sworn a solemn oath that they would be wed. They had already lay together many times to attempt to concieve before he'd left for war hoping to be survived by sons to carry on his legacy, but had been unsucessful and so knew it was not his child that slumbered. The man cursed her, claiming that the Sun would never take on evil form when she birthed the babe and curse her child.

The woman was shunned swiftly hereafter by her kinsmen, sent to find her husband in the wilderness. Pregnant and alone she wandered the rest of her pregnancy by night, fearing the Sun's vengeance upon her still unborn baby. She wandered for the rest of her time laden and heavy, till she figured her effort wasted. The man must've died in a battle, or had been spirited away by a new female. Still, in vain hope, she made for that cliff and rested there to have her child. On the eve of her labour, as she began to wail Enzeru apparated, appearing before her as if out of thin air. She bared her truth to him and pleaded to him for help, the man sat in prayer as she cried out for her pain to be done, and he appealed to the moon to help him mute the Sun's wrath. He asked that it would stay up to block it from seeing the birth of his children so that the curse could not come to pass.

That day the Moon stayed in the sky casting a black light on the land as the woman gave birth to three sons, though her own life passed as the third was free from her and the moon passed back along to slumber. These three sons each shone with a light that made them glisten in the dark, Enzeru heralded them as the beacon that the country should flock to. He took them to the caves where the mother had originated, and departed to find a way to thank the moon. The children each shone with a different light, that as they grew transformed into power to lead their people out of the caves and back to the light.


The Navigator leads the clan. He decides where people go on their pilgrims journeys


Enzeru Clan members are naturally tall and most have fair hair. Their eyes shimmer in the light of the sun and they can look at it for extended periods without negative effect.

Where a member of the clan has resided for a period of time (1 week) signs of sunlight will be apparent. (So if tracking one to a cave and theres suddenly plants there...)

They are cranky at night and wake up extremely early.

They are on average of a young age and are considered adults from 10 so start their education very early.

Since Enzeru members go on pilgrims journeys in order to prove themselves, they're often odd people. They don't behave in the same manner as most folk and are very defensive of their rights to be different.