Erin is a fictional character in the game Shinobi Story Online created by Mugen. A former villager of Kirigakure
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Erin during Paradigm Arc

Erin along with most residents of the SSO world eventually migrated to the Last Village. Erin was well known around her village for her childish antics and her trademark game of Villain one which nearly every villager of Kirigakure had participated in at one point or another. After her migration Erin took her games of pretend a step further and began playing the roles of fellow villagers through changing her hairstyle and clothing. Unlike most of the children in the village Erin has no interest in becoming a ninja and instead aspires to become the worlds greatest actress.


Erin is depicted as a young teenager with varying hair color and light blue eyes, her outfit hairstyle and even hair color constantly change as she changes her role.

Creation and conception Edit

In the creation of Erin Arrosel incorporated traits they felt were endemic in most hardcore roleplayers, a fanatic need to stay in character, and a mischevious disposition. Aiming to keep her "dynamic" Erin's personality grew with time from a child whose only interest were playing games to socializing in an effort to play the roles of others better. Arrosel avoided modeling it after any particular character to maintain originality.