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Hibiki (Literally meaning Sound, or Echo) is a small group of Shinobi, whos name only hangs ontop of the tongues of the Nobles of the Country of the Rice Field. Their leader seems to be the source of much speculation. While all members have alias, the only one that is spread about is "Hebi"

Background InformationEdit

Information is scarce about the members. The only information is those provided by the "Elite Espionage Unit" of the Lord of the Rice Fields. The following is an excerpt of the report.

"The base of operations seems to be hidden in the deepest of groves, and the men who travel pass appear only in mask. It was not until a week prior, until one picked me up. One such shinobi with an acute sense of his surrondings, I thought I was a goner. A few moments later four men stood infront of me, all dressed in garb of purple. Their leader hissed at me as his eyes pierced my soul even underneath the hood that was masking his face. He called himself Hebi., and talked with riddles at every point. Within moments another man, who was refered to as "Taka" He stared at me with something I've never seen before, and before I know it, I was in an Inn Bed of the close by town."

This is the only information gathered at this point in time of the group released to the surronding countries. Primarily the Rice Field Country is conducting more research.

Members and RankingsEdit

"Hebi" - Leader, snake like traits

"Taka" - Genjutsu expert, red eyes (Speculated to be Sharingan, yet unsure).

"Sepai" - Seems to be a Sensory Shinobi, with unfanthonable forsight, Having discovered one of the Rice Field Lords top Espionage Ninja.

"???" - Nothing is known about the fourth person, dispite the fact that it is a "She" who was cloaked in purple like the rest of them.

Old RumorsEdit

"Hebi" is Tensai Noyamano

Their base is located in the Land of Winds

It is comprised of former Otogakure Shinobi

They have there eyes set on Sunagakure for undisclosed reason. (Gathered from messages sent between mutiply carrier hawks)

"Taka" is Godric Uchiha

Tatsungi leads this group

Their goal is to rid the world of Animus

Many of them dispise the Kazekage's raise to power.

Sightings from them in the Rice Country have dwindled to zero

Recent activitiesEdit

None - the group is dead.