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Itako Clan founder

The Itako clan is a Kirigakure Clan of Paper Specialists. They utilize their chakra to take control of papers and fold them into shapes. Their success is based largely on the versatility of their techniques. A Primary Weakness exploited by many shinobi is their weakness to Fire and Water. For this reason they are viewed as the weakest clan in Kirigakure, contrary to this many of their ninja have grown to fame and skill based on how clever they can utilize their techniques (I.E. Hiaku, Jenah, Dokama) The Itako Clan are known manufactures of Chakra Paper and distribute it among the shinobi masses as a means to test their chakra nature and supply it. 


The Itako clan was founded nearly two hundred years ago. Originally the clan was full of Printers who mastered Origami and Printing scrolls for scholars. When their children started experiementing in Ninjutsu they discovered tactics for using paper in combat. It is myth that this clan is the first to utilize Exploding Tags as their common skill. The founder of the technique: Shikigami was a Kunoichi.

(The Itako clan is presumed to be extinct)

Techniques Edit

All Itako Clan members can move and levitate papers by pushing their chakra into it.

1.Shikigami Shuriken: A Paper shuriken with great cutting power but lacks durability to cut through hard material.

2. Shikigami no jutsu: Ability to transform your physical body into paper form. In these forms they unfold into countless papers,

3. Shikigami Assualt:

To be Continued


1.Itako, Hiaku (1st Clan Leader: Deceased)

2. Itako, Jenah (2nd Clan Leader, Alive)

3.Itako, Dokami (Clan Leader, Deceased)

4. Itako, Kira (Deceased)

5. Itako, Shodai (Unknown)

6. Itako, Issa (Unknown)

7.Itako Ta'shi (Alive)

8. Itako, Stephen (Alive)