Within Shinobi Story there are many jobs and postions beyond being a Ninja, Such as Farmers and Blacksmiths and Miners, within the game these postions have jobs to do to help their indiviual village prosper, but mainly you'll ask how do I do said Job?

This is how you do some of the Jobs available in Shinobi Story:

  • How do I plant seeds and get poisons and grow crops as a farmer?

Farmers plant seeds by going to a patch of soil which are severely limited. There are only a few areas with soil, and they will likely be fought over. The farmers plant their seed in this fertile soil. They vegetables they grow can be used in making foods like ramen and such. They’re also supplied with herbs when they’ve planted certain amounts of food.

Herbs: You are awarded herbs everytime you plant around twenty or so crops.

  • How do I mine and gather minerals as a miner?

All you have to do to mine is get the miner rank from an admin. Then, you take a kunai to a mineral node and chip away at it with the mine verb. There are only two mines in game, and they are heavenly contested territories.

  • How do I smith and create weapons as a blacksmith?

You smith by getting minerals from a Miner or a Village Leader working with the Miner and getting the blacksmith rank. You are then able to craft ninja tools and other weapons.