Kaguya, Caritien

Past leader of the Kaguya Clan (In the Terraria Arc); Caritien "The Terrifying Beast in the Mist" Kaguya

General Information:

The Kaguya clan is a clan strong in Taijutsu. They may manipulate the bones in their bodies, causing an ultimate defence against many attacks. People don't understand why their bones can withstand so much when they're bones. Well, a true Kaguya's bones are stronger then steel. Known by their manipulation, no one understands how fast they actually regenerate. A Kaguya's body withstands it's own bone's stabbing through their skin, without causing any type of bleeding from the soft tissue. They may also remove bones from their body, and regrow them depending on their chakra. The Kaguya clan is known to be able to take down armies of shinobi by themself once they achieve a great enough rank.


Kaguyas do not have 'techniques', but rather dances. These dances are traditional to the Kaguya clan, and allow many intimidation factors.

Karamatsu no Mai (B)

This dance allows the user's rib cage to spring out from around them, deflecting or stabbing anyone near by. Spinning at a high-speed, this technique can shread human flesh in the blink of an eye, faster then an Inuzuka's Gatsuuga.

Yanagi no Mai (D)

This dance allows the user to adjust their radius and ulna in their forearms, causing multiple spikes, out of the forearm, and a rather large spike out of their palm.

Tsubaki no Mai (B)

This dance allows the user to literally remove their arm (of choice) from their body and use it as a blade.

Bone Bullets (B)

The user lodges chakra from behind the tip of any finger (or toe). Releasing the chakra, the tip of their finger (or toe) quickly launches out fast as a bullet. (which is VERY fast if you've never been shot)

Tessenka no Mai Hana (B)

This dance allows the user to literally remove their spinal column from their back, and use it as a whip, or rope, to slash or bind their targets.

Tessenka no Mai (B)

Using their skill to hyper-regenerate their bones, the user adds calcium deposites into their arm, allowing a massive growth to happen onto the outside of their body. Quickly, in a spiral motion a very strong bone with a very sharp tip coats their arm like a lance, but is known as a spear.

Sawarabi no Mai (S)

This technique is a secret technique within the Kaguya clan. This technique is also, the hardest to learn, but very lethal. The user spreads calcium deposites around the surface of an area with their chakra. Quickly on command, these calicum deposites will explode, causing a bone spike (user dependant on size) to grow upon that surface. Once the bone spike is created, the user may hide within the bone spikes (if large enough), and move through the bone spikes at a high accelerated rate.

Other Information:Edit

To achieve the ability to use your bones freely, a Kaguya must suffer a life or death situation. Once that situation happens, their bones are freely able to be used-- If they know how to control those bones that they wish to manipulate.

Members Edit

[X] Unknown - Patriarch of Kaguya Clan. Leader of the Kaguya clan.

[X] Kaguya, Caritien - jjjjjjjthgjhgj-- - Who cares he's a ginger.

[X]Kaguya, Han- Most skilled in his clan kekkei genkai up to date. However, his past is a mystery.

Kaguya, Scit - The first and true Patriarch of the Kaguya Clan, his successor being Caritien, the first Kaguya of the generation that came after Scit's. Being of the first generation, Scit was a very powerful and capable ninja, able to utilize his kekkei genkai rather effectively, including performing each dance with the exception of Sawarimi no Mai. His origins and abilities were first revealed to him at the age of 10, when he was sent to the mines to rescue a fellow ninja who had been captured by Samurai. After being stabbed just below his heart, Scit's kekkei genkai awoke and allowed him to survive long enough to escape to Kirigakure and recover, that is, after having saved his friend from the Samurai prison. Throughout his early teens, he did his best to keep his abilities secret from everyone else, resorting to katanas and tantos rather than bone swords when it came to fighting. It wasn't until the first Demon War that he was forced to reveal his kekkei genkai to a large number of people, which he didn't care about seeing as it saved his life. After the war, Scit became a Chuunin, and then a Tokubetsu Jonin when he turned 18, where he was charged with various duties around Kirigakure, but never taking on a squad. It was during this time that he met Caritien, who had heard about him and his origins of being a Kaguya, but denied that the two were related. The two had a kind of Old Man/Boy Scout from Up relationship, only it didn't have much of a happy ending, but not really a bad one either. Also during this time, the Vikings began to rise up and randomly raid villages, while Samurai did the same. In one instance, Scit had a shot at revenge against some invading Samurai and engaged the legendary Ryu, Kenshin in a battle of blades, the fight ending officially in a draw once Kirigakure reinforcements arrived at the scene, even though Scit had technically lost due to Kenshin's use of the Samurai equivilent of Hachimon. Fast forward a few more years, when Scit entered his early twenties, he, along with many of his friends and allies, were abducted the snake known as Tensai Noyamano, and forced to join Otogakure, where he was given a Sin Mark that granted him extra power and chakra whenever he used it. Also during this time, he acted as a double-agent for Kiyani, Yezu and Akatsuki to help bring down Otogakure, while seeking out someone willing to teach him the Kage Bunshin technique. One day he finally left Otogakure to work with Akatsuki and Fukushu while receiving Kage Bunshin no Jutsu teachings from Ryoku. However his life was ended when he entered Sunagakure, Ryoku's home, wearing a mask that concealed his identity, and was attacked by many of the village's Shinobi, roughly 8-10, including the Kazekage, Hiroki. His death forced Caritien to take up the mantle of Patriarch, at least for a short while. A couple of years later, during the Chuunin Exams Animus so nicely interrupted, Scit was brought back to life and served as the demon's temporary soldier, fending off various attacks made against him before engaging Caritien in a battle of kinsmen, defeating his younger cousin before the whole fight against Animus ended for a short while. With his life now restored for the second time, the first being when the Samurai "killed" him, Scit resumed his Kage Bunshin training, eventually learning the technique and increasing his deadliness in battle. Prior to this, he aided the rest of the Shinobi world during the War with Animus, fighing against past Hokage Nimbus, Arashi when the demon revived him as a soldier of evil. Eventually the war ended in favor of the Shinobi Villages, and life returned back to normal, Scit returning to his Tokubetsu duties in Kirigakure. A few years later, he took up a squad and headed to Konoha for a delivery mission, only to be ambushed by former Otogakure ninja who were also members of the Anbu Black Ops, who succeeded in killing him, along with one of the Genin placed in his squad. A few days later, after dying for the third time, Scit was resurrected by the Necromancer/Templar faction and forced to serve as their undead, practically immortal soldier, which he had almost no problem with when it came time to wipe out the Samurai encampment, finally getting his revenge for their actions all of those years ago. However his run eventually came to an end when Soliloquy decided to end his "contract" and end his existance along with a few other undead soldiers, thus ending his fourth life with a fourth death. By this point in time, however, Scit had become one of the world's most famous and powerful ninja ever known. Even in the present, the newer generation of his clan continue to speak about him in high regards, always ignoring the fact he complimented and flirted with almost every age appropriate girl. Were he alive today, well, who knows what the clan would be like.

[X] Kaguya, Liquid - Child of the new Generation, currently living in Konoha like the remainers of the clan, he has learnt how to freely manipluate his bones from self disicipline.

[X] Kaguya, Suke - Brother of Liquid, currently living in Konoha with his brother and other clan members, he has not yet learned how to manipulate his bones.

[X]Kaguya, Zeyl- Cousin of Coden, it's unknown if he's capable of manipluating his bones or not.

Kaguya, Coden - Third Generation Kaguya, his past has him tied with Otogakure. Indicating he was presence during Otogakure's invasion on Iwagakure, later he was presumed dead. Only to be seen later, returning to Kirigakure with other refudgees.Possibility has the best manipulating when it comes to the Kaguya kekkei genkai of the present, he's the pseudo Patriarch of the clan following in Caritien footsteps. Chuunin rank shinobi of the Last Village, second in commander of the Kaguya clan.thumb|link=File:Coden.png

Kaguya, Zaku - Fourth Generation, also capable of manipulating his bones. He resides in Konoha. Currently, Second Best Kaguya Shinobi alive. Only second to Coden.

Kaguya, Tek - Fourth Generation, reincarnation of Scit as in he behaviors like the former in like every aspect.

Kaguya, Ryu'' ''- Fifith Generation simlar traits from Caritien, From Kiri moved towards Konoha after the war, Increased Knowledge of the Kaguya Clan revealed to him, Ryu is also able to manipulate his bones to an extent.

Kaguya, Shirogane - Generation unknown. Part of Koetegakure. Abilities unknown, however he does appear to be interested in making art out of the bones of other people's skeletons.