Kami being Kami on his roof

Kami (神 Meaning "Divine") is one of the few surviving first generation shinobi of the Hidden Sand. He is the carrier of the former Kazekage's fan, Kyodai Sensu.


Kami is the second born child of Kaze and Rin. His had a extended family of former shinobi who used their ninjutsu for performance. This family was known as Messa. The Messa eventually disappered for some reason that is still a mystary. Kami and his brother's Zyson and Jazz, went back to the Sand Village so that they may learn about the art of ninjutsu, and one day find their lost family.

When Kami became 8 he started to think to himself why he even wanted to look for his family, and later gave up on them completly. Kami went on to learn the art of the fan, being inspired by the Kazekage, Vestera Khai. He knew that in order to become a fan master, he would on day have to leave his village to train.

Kami after the Sound Village came.

After he became a shinobi, he was given a fan as a graduation reward by his brother Jazz. Ironicly, Jazz went out to train in a cave and was killed by a pack of samuri.(LAWL!) Zyson wanted to avenge the death of Jazz, so he left the village and never came back telling everyone that he was going to train. (Again...LAWL!).

When Kami became 14, he entered the chuunin exam with two other Suna shinobi. Getting past the first part of the exam with the second highest score, he went on to the second part. He was however, unable to take pass this part due to the fact that some Oto ninja crashed the whole thing. Failing his first chuunin exam, Kami went on with his life remembering his failure

After a while of being mad at himself, he bacame a Kumo ninja because he didn't want to face his commreades at Suna. Kami trained with an old man the whole time he was their. The man had no name but Kami grew to know him like a grandfather. He died 3 years after training and Kami buried him in the bambo forest. He knew that he had to get stronger not just for suna, but for his old master as well.

Kami moved to the leaf village, seeing that his old teacher Hiroki had became the hokage. Became a leaf ninja, but left the village now and then, and was not seen too ofter. Kami came back to see the start of a war. He tried to take part in it, but he saw no need because of his lack of power, and inablity to stay focus. He then moved back to mountains of Kumo, unheard of for years.

Kami is now back! He has brought with him a cat that talks, and powers out of belive. Finding himself in Suna as Christopher the Kazekage, Kami became a high skilled Chuunin. He current serves under Hiroki himself as his personal assistant, and does his part into training the student. However, he seems to have a bad connection with kids and is unable to train them because of their lack of talent and paitance.


He is lay back, and mostly does not care about what goes on around him. Kami tries to tune out everything with music, which is why he is always seen wearing headphones. Kami also does not have a good connection with children, and is offten punshied for that. He seems to find was can be known as an annoyance when it comes to children, animals, favors, and really anything that Hiroki does not make him do.


(To Christ) "Yeah Im a suna ninja, not a Christ ninja..."

(To most people he meets) "I respect about a handful of people, and you will never be one of them"

(To most girls he meets that are his age) "I would date you, but I am to busy being a hero!"

(To Nanako) "Yeah...I just happen to be the best fan user in the world!"

(To Akahoshi) "No, I dont find this funny...I find the way girls act of their periods funny, but not this..."

(To himself when he came back to the village) "Sand, sunburn, and dead bodies....Yup this is the right village"

(To ???) "Im not gay...She just has a giant mole on her back, and it kind of hear to talk with her because of that breath..."


  • His favorite food is taiyaki with maple syrup on top
  • Kami is know to have a cat on his shoulder which is he named after the former Kazekage, Khai
  • He has been know to respect a few people, them being: Hiroki, Lambo, Akahoshi, and sometimes Christ
  • Kami has made to clear to many people that he can be annyoing, just for the mear fact that he is NOT trying to make friends
  • Kami's real hair color is black
  • Kami has a red eye color but to avoid questions he wears colored contacts