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The Kamizuru clan was founded about 200 years ago in Iwagakure 50 years after the aburame clan was formed by a fascinated by bees. They began using their chakra to connect with the bees which eventually worked as the bees became accustomed to them. The insects began to go inside their bodies and the rest is history. The clans rivals were the Aburame’s of the konoha and they even got their ideas from them. The aburmaes eventually killed most of them off long ago about 100 years after they formed. The remaining survivers fled Iwagakure and resided in Konohagakure to settle their differences with the Aburame clan. Some have forgiven them of the destruction of their clan, while others remain bitter and want revenge.

Clan Description

Bees are bred and utilized exclusively by the Kamizuru clan as the focal point of their unique techniques. Unlike the kikaichû, the insects used by the Kamizuru's rival, the Aburame clan, the bees are summoned into battle. They are also capable of growing to large sizes, as seen with the Giant Bee. Their larva form have the ability just like the Aburame clan bugs to eat chakra.Bees' usefulness centres around offensive capabilities of their stings, with attacks like the Thousand Bee Stings Technique. They are used frivolously in tactics where the bees' lives are sacrificed without concern for their survival.


E Rank

Bee Control: {C}The User summons bees out of his body and can control them (Can not be used to attack until properly trained)

D rank

Bee Control: {C}The User summons Bees out of his body and can control them to attack {C}Beeswax Clone: {C}The user makes a clone made of beeswax and when injured enough it dissolves back down into wax.

{C}C rank {C}Rock Hive {C}The user creates a bee hive made of rock (As strong as steel). Once in this rock the hive will consume chakra to quickly recover stamina. Once stamina is completely recovered the Rock hive will become weak and can be destroyed easily

Bee Bomb Technique {C}The User summons pollenated bees. Once the bees come into contact with their target, they are able to track the person until the pollen wears off.

B rank {C}Bee Honey Technique {C}The User summons a large number of bees that swarm over and sting the opponent. Every time a bee is injured or destroyed, it releases sticky honey on the opponent, which is strong enough to immobilise them. This is particularly effective against opponents who rely on close range physical attacks, such as practitioners of the Gentle Fist.

A rank {C}Thousand Bee Stings Technique {C}The User summons bees that shoot their poisonous stingers at their target that can slowly kill the opponent.Edit

{C}Clan Members

1. Mizaro (Active Leader)where the hell can I find him

2. Nagini

3. Kotoshin

4. Damio

5. Tenkai

6. Kata

7. Abuki

8. Itami

9. Adriana

10. Gabriella[[[File: link title]]]

11. Karamasu

12. Killian

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