Kieechii (神 Meaning "That one black guy") is one of the few shinobi of Kumogakure first generation, shinobi of the Hidden Cloud. He had a natural affinty with the Suiton and Ration element.


Kieechi is the second born child of Touken and ?. His had a extended large family with many brothers and sister, his father a former shinobi who used his ninjutsu for enterainment. Not much is known about Kieechi's parents other than that. Kieechi and his brother and sister's Riley, Alyssa and Rya, were all born and raised in Kumogakure. Alyssa was later taken to Iwagakure along with her mother.

At the age of ten, Kieechi enrolled into Kumogakure's academy, distingiushing himself as one of the most promising students of his generation. Kieechi lived, breed, and sleep pride being bought up on Kumogakure obnoxious discipline, it was during this time Kieechi started to think to himself. Why, was he here? What was his reason for going onwards, it was only later that he discover that perhaps his purpose in life was to one day lead Kumogakure into prenty more years of bliss. Kieechi went on to learn the way of the blade, being inspired by the Raikage's son, Nimbus, Gale- a person who was a abosolute bastard to him. Later in life, he knew that in order to become the individual he was destinty to be, he would one day have to surpass Gale and his cursed attain title as the Brightest star of Kumo and Kumo Prodgy.

After he became a shinobi, he was seek out by a member of a organization known as Goutai Sajuki seeing the immense potential he carried. Kieechi would be introduced as his apprentice, Sajuki furthering Kieechi's development as he progressed through these times.

When Kieechi became 14, about three weeks later. Kumogakure would be invaded by a swarm of Vikings and Demons. Kieechi with the aid of Kumogakure's higher ups was able to evacalate the village alongside hundreds of citizens and shinobi alike. He spent this portion of his life on the move, going to village to village- trying to find his place in the grand plains of the unverse. Serving in the defense of Iwagakure, as Otogakure invaded the village. Under the command of Kageki, Kieechi served as Kumogakure's Quick Thunder- faring against members of the Ambrosis clan, before being force into retreat.

As Kieechi's wounds were being treated, he recieved news of Iwagakure's triumphet, rising a smile to the young lad face. Kieechi would celebraty with the war heroes of the battle, as plans for the fate of Kumogakure started to assemble in the young lad mind.

After a while of celebration, Kieechi started to organize, teach the remainer of Kumogakure in hopes of one day heading back and rebuilding his home village. A late night siegh by Otogakure on Iwagakure placed a halt in his plans, as he'd retreat deep into the bamboo forest- only to later hear of Iwagakure's defeat at Otogakure's hands. Learning of the fate of the Kumogarians that Kieechi left behind, infruaited him. Kieechi set the next portion of his life, searching for the ones he abandon, encountering Viking, Oto, and Samurai alike. After a year of venturing Kieechi was able to trace down Kazuki his cousin he had abandon in Kiri, Riley his brother, Rich, and several others. Under Kieechi's leadership, they set up fortess in the ruins of Kumo- with Hykaru only rejoining his former student Kieechi at a later time.

While in the ruins of Kumo, Kieechi taught the next generation what it meant to be a Kumogakure's shinobi teaching them in the same manner as he was. The infritration of two snakes soon changed Kieechi's plans, one of the snake capturing his cousin Kazuki and later his own brother Riley. Something that Kieechi would not stand for.

Kieechi relocated to Konoha, a village he despise in his search for his brother- it was there Kieechi meant key characters of his life. Reuniting with his brother a week later, only to see him and a couple of former Kumogakure shinobi had deflected to Otogakure's rank, Kieechi mostly upsetted at the knowledge that one of his former squadmates was now with the enemy. Led by decieve, Kieechi was ensnared into a trap by the Otogakure's forces, the humilating he suffer that day was something he took to the gravestone with him. Kieechi was forced to tell of the things he learnt in Konoha and the state of the village, Toshi a former shinobi unbranding Kieechi's of his Goutai mark, and then leaving him for dead inside a ceil. It seemed like only death allured Kieechi- only for one day, for him to be freed from his prisioner by known other than Chris Wallance- former memeber of Otogakure. During there escape Kieechi got a chance to meet up with his cousin Kazuki, a person who stilled care about his well-being. Kieechi swore a will of hatred towards Kazuki for allying with the enermy and not heeding his warning, blaming his stupidty along with all the others Kumogarians that join Otogakure a foolish act. A act that he'd one day retify.

Returning to Konoha, Kieechi jounrey along the path of the angry black man that had to keep pressing forward. The remainer of Kumogakure shinobi residing within Konoha, Kieechi taught them to the best of his ability as he tried to figure what to make of this world. What laid in stored for him. Revenge was all Kieechi saw, revenge against anything that caused him pain, that made his life dificult. It was in Konoha that Kieechi fought several demons, that he blamed for the demise of Kumogakure, even taking one of the mention viking life for his hand in Kumogakure's fall. His ignoance rose as time progessed, war was soon introduced into Konoha. These were some of Kieechi's final days, Kieechi releasing the anger he had held within as he faced the forces of Otogakure. Alongside Tensai, they held many victories. It was Kieechi choice, to stand and fight Iasenet one on one that ended his days. Not letting his pride get away from him, as he duel Iasent a battle that he eventually ended loser, what sealed his fate was his binding by a Nara. Several more Otogakure's members made there presense known, as Iasent went forward to lop off Kieechi's thumbs. Enrage by this deed, Kieechi barked loudly for the last time letting his feelings being heard, after one member consider they spare his life.

Kumogakure warrior's life was taken by a fateful stab to the heart, his eyes dullen. As he recalled the dream he had... the friends he lost..his cousin Kazuki who died under he was leaving behind what few ties he shared with the world behind.. to fend for themselves. Life was a bitch.


Kieechi is black.


(To Isaac) "You piece of shit."

(To Riley) "Train harder, you're the future of Kumogakure!"

(To most girls he meets that are his age) "Lets fuck!"

(To Tetsuo) "Where the hell you been? I been leading the remainers of our nation for fucking four months now."

(To Kazema) "You're underneath me Kazema, perhaps if you train harder you would have been further."

(To Nimbus, Gale) "You're going to stop bully me, you half-black ape!"

(To Nimbus, Kaminari) "Kaminari. I challenge you to a spar, show me what you got!"

(To Hykaru) "When are you gonna pass those Kage robes down to me?"

(Thinking about Arashi) "Arashi sure didn't play, to think a great man like him is dead."

(To Nimbus, Gale) "Chill the fuck out! AH!"

( His final moments.)" " You fuckers don't have the heart to kill me! C'mon Isaac show me the expression you held when you witness them kill Gale! You better fuckin' kill me now, because the day that I am able to fight again! I coming straight for each and last one of you motherfuckers!"