Konoha Gates

Konohagakure's Gates

The Last Village (Konogakure no Sato)

The final village that has been joint together after the destruction of all others. The village was once ruled by a council, but after the return of Tatsunagi, the village has been forced into his rule. There is a giant dome around the village, stopping any from entering or leaving. Though, rumors have spreaded about a hole in the wall.


Konoha CouncilEdit

Hokage: Tatsungai, Hitokiri


Konoha Academy StaffEdit

Headmaster: N/A

Konoha Medical DivisionEdit

Head of Medical Division: N/A


  • Seven Yukibuki
  • Nanami Kiyani

Konoha Task ForceEdit

Head of Task Force: Ventus Inuzuka


  • Satoshi Nara
  • Ranmaru Iga
  • Renji Aburame


  • Rin Gintaka
  • Suzaku Akimichi
  • Tuyen Nguyet
  • Shu Noyamano
  • Dorei
  • Rei Ayade
  • Rose Shingen
  • Chokichi Kaguya
  • Renjiro Uchiha

Tokubetsu JouninEdit

  • Mezara Hozuki
  • Natsuki Makoto


  • Yamazo Noyamano
  • Hykaru Kiyoraka
  • Ventus Inuzuka
  • Zensho Aburame
  • Lambo de'latte
  • Matthew
  • Katashi


  • 1. Do not murder or assault another villager from Konohagakure intentionally unless in self defense.
  • 2. The higher ranking's word is superior to yours. If you disagree, speak with someone of their rank or higher instead of disrespecting them.
  • 3. You may not leave the walls of Konoha unless on mission duty or granted pardon from the Hokage.
  • 4. No littering or damaging or stealing property that isn't yours.
  • 5. No stealing from others or lying.
  • 6. Common sense is vital.
  • 7. Obey superior ranks and carry out the mission.
  • 8. Legal age is 16.
  • 9. You will refer to a higher ranking to you with the suffix -Sama, -Sensei, or by the title 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' (gender-wise). The Hokage is Lord Hokage, Hokage-Sama, or simply Hokage.


Within the village there are very powerful and well respected clans. All known clans in this village are:


Nez CorporationEdit

  1. Nez
  2. K&R
  3. ZokuS
  4. RimuZ
  5. TnS(Prototype)