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Kumogakure No Sato (Litterally meaning: The Village Hidden in the Clouds) is the hidden village of the Land of Lightning. Their leader is known as Raikage. Lightning release and swords. Kumogakure is currently destroyed.

Kumogakure OverviewEdit

Kumogakure no Sato, otherwise known as the Village Hidden in the Cloud, is a hidden village located in the Land of Lightning. It makes up one of the Big Five villages alongside Konohagakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure, and Kirigakure. Kumogakure is located in the extreme north. Travelling to Kumogakure includes days of wandering inside a bamboo forest, climbing mountains, and crossing a vast ocean. Kumogakure is mostly isolated from the outside world.

The village is extremely hard to infiltrate as its challenging getting there. Sea, forest, mountains block out and endure most shinobi techniques. The only accessible entrance into Kumogakure is by traveling north via the bamboo forest, than crossing the sea by boat. It is known as the niggafiest populated and greatest village of them all, though in recent times its image has come to change.

Village HistoryEdit

Not much of Kumogakuree's history is known today, as it's many tales and stories have been mostly lost to time. However, recent documents show that the village had been standing for many decade.

The members of the Nimbus clan, Populated most of Kumo.