!NeZ logo

Nez is a clothing corporation founded by Zen/Hiroki (Noiamnotokay). There are two releases: Nez Original Series, and Nez VIP Series. All icons are made from scratch by Hiroki, and all of the future Nez icons are intended to be made by Hiroki. Unlike shop bought items where you can colorize them, they are left with certain colors for best effect.

Nez was started in the summer of 2010 when Hiroki first began experimenting with icons. He failed at iconning a tree, so he borrowed the SSO base from a friend and began to play around with it. His first icon turned out to be what seemed to be a block of lines that represented a shirt, known now as the green/black striped Nez shirt. He showed this new icon to his friends Nenshou and Gaku, both of whom told him his iconning skills were horrid and that the shirt was horrible. However Hiroki did not mind, and he continued to recolor these striped shirts. He then showed the shirts to his IC genin squad of that pwipe, consisting of Kenshiro and Curatio. After some thought Hiroki realized that he could icon more custom clothes and sell them for yen. Thus he recolored the shirt and reshaded it and iconned 3 more shirts based off of his imaginary friends: the nez domo shirt, pink domo shirt, and marshmellow blue domo shirt.


NeZ Catalog

Kenshiro and Curatio came up with a few ideas of naming Hiroki's clothing icon label some stuff. Hiroki later on came up with the name !NeZ, an acronym of (Never Ending Zero) and also a basic rearrangement of what he was commonly called (Zen) backwards. With six clothing icons made, Hiroki began to spread the word of Nez around. He began to go around the SSO world, often selling the shirts for 5 yen each (5 yen lower than shop bought shirts). After most people began wearing Nez he boosted the price to 10 yen. Hiroki also made a catalog to prevent people trying to have him wear all icons at once that featured him, Curatio, and Conan.

Soon enough Hiroki decided to icon hoodies. These were a tough thing to icon at first, having no perspective, and it was nearly impossible to icon a hood. The key was the two strings for the hood and the back hood pattern. Hoodies are arguably the more worn and trademark thing Nez has ever made. They were shaded in many colors.

The Nez VIP edition was soon iconned by Hiroki after seeing that the original Nez series was being overused. To throw more variety for the players, the 'VIP' was made. Among the Nez VIP were polos, sweatshirts, and pants icons.

Within a few updates Nez was finally able to get coded into the game via NPC, making it the first other-clothing available to the players aside from the one in shopkeeps.

Currently Hiroki is working on further Nez but to no is rumoured that varsity jacket icons are up and coming, as well as sunglasses..TO BE CONTINUED..