Noyamano Clan Symbol

The Noyamano have been around for quite the while. Incorporating the opposing elements of fire and water together to make steam has been practiced by shinobi for generations, and it is said to be as old as the Senju and the Uchiha. There are some rumors that the clan was the first elemental bloodline clan following the Senju themselves, created by a daughter of the Sage of the Six Paths, yet such legends are shrouded in mystery and the sands of time. The Noyamano came ahead in world politics however when one of their blood, the sensual Fifth Mizukage took up the office. The Noyamano received extensive praise as a clan of Kirigakure no Sato, though they themselves hailed from the lands of the bordering Rain Country. However, despite the several marriages that took place during that era of the clan's peak, it has always supported rather few members even in their place of origin, as most members of the clan never really took up the lives of the shinobi and instead were always nomads or farmers in the Lands of Rain and Snow, their natural fuel-generating abilities allowing them to sustain themselves without much effort. The Noyamano however, split into two more branches in the later half of the Great Bijuu War, resulting in a total of three branches:
   * Yathribite Branch: Literally meaning the 'Branch of the People of Yathrib', an ancient city in Rain Country from where the members of this clan first relearned the ways of the shinobi after a thousand years of silent farming and traveling, this is the Main Branch that is well settled in Amegakure no Sato and has provided much effort for the establishment of the village of Amegakure as a powerful military force. The current Clan Head, Noyamano Hei along with his two sons Yamazo and Tensai, although he is rather weak, but the Amegakurian Yathribite Branch has sworn allegiance to her, despite having several other higher ranking and strong members, as the criteria for succession in the clan is the strength of blood and heart, not physical strength. This branch secretly has the mayo.
   * Kharijite Branch: Literally meaning the 'Seceding' Branch, this is the small group of the Main Branch that left the clan at the later half of the Great Bijuu War and instead went out to form their own group upon a disagreement between the previous clan head and some of his more stronger and wiser members. It resulted in the clan becoming even more weaker than before, but the faithful ones held on through thick and thin in their allegiance to Noyamano Mei, the previous Clan Head. The Kharijites' activities to the world are kept in secret, though they have formally aligned themselves with the mysterious and rising Sleeping Forest Organization. Noyamano Kuro despite not being related by blood, was taken into the care of this branch, from where he got his names names.
   * Ruhhal Branch: Basically the oldest existing branch of the Noyamano clan, these are the nomads or farmers that constitute the majority of clan members and are found in concentration throughout the Ninja World, though nowhere more so than the Lands of Snow, Grass and the outskirts of Rain. Most of the clan members that do not come from the Yathribite Branch in Amegakure can be considered descended from this branch. The current existing members from this branch is Noyamano Yuki and his brother Shigono.

Politics of the clan - The Noyamano have a Senate form of Government with the Council of Elders being the main 'Heads of State'. Unlike most other clans, the Council of Elders are good natured, actually wise, and have a great sense of humor, often employing a unique teaching method when tutoring young boys and girls with their Futton skills — accurately blowing fruit pies onto other clansmen's heads. Useful training and a fun game combined. The Council contains five members: one intellectual/scholar, one representative of the Ruhhal (Nomad) Branch, the Chief Judge of clan affairs, the head of the intelligence department of secret services and one person chosen by the Clan Head as her Chief Secretary. All these advise the Clan Head on all matters. Other than advising the Clan Head, the Council also acts as the caretaker of the rest of the clan; they make sure to protect the orphaned and children of non-ninja among the clan, and should they be interested in learning the ninja arts, they are taught the ways of the Boil Release personally. Apart from this, is the Council of Scholars, consisting of all the intellectual and powerful adult members of the clan which is called into session on special occasions where the Elders alone may not be able to reach a decision. It is also called into session upon the succession or nomination of a new Clan Head to offer allegiance to him or her.

Culture of the clan - The Noyamano are perhaps the only clan, apart from the Hyuuga and their Byakugan, comprised entirely of people who have the inborn ability to use their kekkei genkai, due to the highly spiritual nature of their lives. Meditation was an important part of the Noyamano's daily routines, as it helped them to focus their energies and understand the potency of their element. As could be determined, steam is the main and most significant power source and natural resource of both the village dwelling and the nomad Noyamano clansmen. With the power of steam channeled under their control, the Noyamano could defend and protect their homes and way of life. It also made traveling much easier, since they could ride on their Flying Nimbus clouds or glide with the air currents using their gliders. Nomad Noyamano are known throughout the ninja world for their sweets, such as pies. The Nomads particularly did indeed sell their pies for money, a reasonable one Ryo piece each. The "Noyamano Pies & Sweets" is one of the most successful sweet companies in Rain Country, as well as internationally, and all the money made from that comes straight to the Clan Head without fail, and after paying the people involved, the remainder is given to charity. The Noyamano are a tranquil bunch of people endeavoring to preserve the environment around them. Any industry that they engendered, such as farming, irrigation and gardening, were powered naturally. They also produced their own food via crop and livestock agriculture. Apart from these, their culture is also characterized by their highly developed gravity-fed irrigation systems making beautiful use of the rains of Ame no Kuni, as well as their widely expansive gardens in the otherwise industrial village of Amegakure, and their unrivaled, almost natural, abilities at architecture. Many of the designs in the estates of the Noyamano are ingenious, such as the gravity-fed fountains and the doors and mechanisms that are operable only through means of Futton techniques.

Kekkei Genkai - The Boil Release (沸遁, "Futton") is made up of techniques that combine fire and water-based chakra to generate and manipulate a powerful steam which can exert intense concussive force on other objects due to the high pressure condensed within them, among various other uses. The Boil Release is weak against the Water Release, Earth Release and Diamond Release elements, while being dominant over the Wind Release, Fire Release and Corrosion Release elements.

Members- Clan Leader : Tensai 

Hei Noyamano- Founder of the Noyamano Clan. Leader of the Yathrabite Branch. Father of Tensai and Yamazo.

[Dead] Irene Noyamano- Wife of Hei Noyamano. Mother of Tensai and Yamazo.

[Dead] Mei Noyamano- Leader of the Kharijite Branch. Uncle of Tensai and Yamazo.

Tensai Noyamano- Son of Hei. Brother of Yamazo. Uncle of Isanet. Tensai is a reknown medic of the world. Being evil serving under Tat, he has given Noyamanos a bad name in the shinobi world. Prince of Otogakure. He was sealed after the attack on Konohagakure, but many say he wasn't and escaped.

[Dead] Yamazo Noyamano- Son of Hei. Brother of Tensai and Uncle of Iasnet. Yamazo is a reknown elementalist from Kirigakure, used to serve Otogakure alongside his brother Tensai and is currently the strongest Noyamano and certainly one of the pranksters of the village.

[Dead] Iasnet Noyamano- Nephew of Tensai and Yamazo. Father of Sayuri. Iasnet, followed his uncles into the fellowship of Tat and Otogakure. Killed by Christopher Wallace.

[Dead] Kenji Noyamano- Oldest Son of Yamazo. Said to be the best out of them all, he knew Katon just like his father and trained to be like him, he was a tricky boy... Born during the Animus times, he confused the Konoha settlers to go to Otogakure to raid them only to run them into their own death and slavery. Kenji luckily was family of Tensai and already was notified that he could stay. There he learned Katon from his master Godric. And he learned how to be a weaponist. He ended up getting his legs blown off in the base they hid in, later to be rebuilt over a extended time period.[ts] He was given a cloak to settle with in Otogakure, and when they found out it was time to scout he left with Tensai and Kamura. They wen't to head to the new base and gather information, but once Kenji asked where his father was he was assaulted and killed. He died a Chunnin of Otogakure.

Takeo Noyamano.- Third Child of the new Generation. Living in Kirigakure.Cousin of Shu, Sotokon, Kaede, and Heindrick. Takeo wishes to learn his clan techinques and clean the Noyamano name that Tensai, Yamazo, and Isanet caused.

Sotokon Noyamano- Fifth Child of the New Generation. Son of Yamazo. Brother of Sinch, Endan, Heindrick, Slovakia and the others noyamano.  One of the few known as a boil user.

[DeadKaede Noyamano- Second Child of the new Generation. Daughter of Tensai. Sister of Shu. Killed during the Kirigakure massacre.

Shu Noyamano- Fourth Child of the new Generation. Son of Tensai. Brother of Kaede. 

Heindrick Noyamano- First Child of the new Generation. Cousin of Shu, Takeo, Kaede, Sotokon, and Sayuri.

[Dead] Slovakia Noyamano-  Seventh Child of the new Generation. Brother of Sotokon, Cousin of Shu. He wishes to become as strong as his older brother, and clean the Noyamano name.

[Dead] Endan Noyamano-  Seventh Child of the new Generation. Brother of Sotokon, Cousin of Shu and refers to himself and others as N. He wishes to become as strong as his older brother, and clean the Noyamano name.

Sinch Noyamano-  Seventh Child of the new Generation. Son of Yamazo, Brother of Sotokon, Cousin of Shu. He wishes to become the next known with the title 'Steam Demon'. Also a known user of the boil kekkei genkai.

[Dead] Sayuri Noyamano- Sitxth Child of the new Generation. Only child of Iasnet. Killed by her family members after a conspiracy against her.

Ace Noyamano- 'Eighth Child of the new Generation. Cousin of Shu,Sinch,Kaede,Sotokon, and Sayuri. Ace wishes to learn his clan techniques and also wishes to rid the world of threats. He calls himself the "Steam Reaper." His father gifted him a family heirloom before he died, which was a scythe. He keeps it wrapped in bandages and in a scroll.