Omnia is the collective universe in which the Roleplaying game SSO takes place. Within it, there are many universes in within which exists Demons, Humans, Spirits, and other supernatural entities. The main source of power for creatures is Chakra or Chi (Though widely believed as the same things). There is many Classes that these Creatures use to live day to day lives.

The Most explored region in these world is the Ninja World. This world has 5 Primary Countries: Lightning, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, along with a few other minor countries like Tea or Bear. These countries depend on Ninjas to circulate their funds and perform tasks. Though there does exist many other classes of warriors including: Vikings, Samurai, Priests, Templars, Necromancers, and Demidemons.

The world is in constant conflict with one another with each being pursuing power wether for good, evil, or for personal protection.

The main currency in this world is Ryo. The fauna of this world are seemingly passive but most are trained to combat for Warriors, more than likely finding an animal in this world it has been domesticated by a shinobi, or another warrior. Flora in this world is extremely safe, not seeming to assault anything.

NPCs exist in this world or Non-playable Characters. They have extensive uses but are never considered to be OOCly (Out of characterly) interacted with. They can be a ordinary villager with dialouge and will sometimes attack, a Shinobi who will fight anyone on command from a Kage or if assaulted, And Shopkeepers who sell weapons, clothes, scrolls, or allow gambling.