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Otogakure (Literally meaning Village Hidden in the Sound) was recently adopted by Tatsungai, or "God", and Tensai Noyamano for there ambitions to take on the world. The name is a play on the five Great Shinobi Villages, who were on the rise of power, using there speeches and abilities to ralley there shinobi to there cause. There is actuatlly very few points in Otogakure's history where it was in a stable static place, nor did it have a "Kage" or Shadow for it to offically be a Hidden Shinobi Village.


Otogakure's founding was between Tatsungai, who enlisted the aide of Tensai Noyamano to help further each others goals. Along the way they abducted men from all around the world, prior to every adopting the name "Otogakure" It was only after Tatsungai ascended into Godhood and altered the entire world into his own image did they every put on such a name.

Otogakure first history taking actions would have to be the Coup D'etat on the acting Mizukage,Itako. Afterwards with few deaths on there side, they recruited the aide of many Kirigakure Genin, to act as fodder on there next attack upon Iwagakure, Which failed, and after the failure, it took Tatsungai himself to regroup the organzation. Which enabled the second Invasion on Iwagakure to be a success. Leading Otogakure and Konohagakure, the only two "Great Villages" left on the face of Terreria.

That is what started the great war, dubbed by the followers of Otogakure, who now took upon the name "Gods Crusaders", Battlefield Konoha. Dispite the fact that, all throughout the battle the odds were in Otogakure's favor, out numbering there forces with God's Shinobi's and Earth Golumns 999:1, they somehow made it out alive with the "Death" of Tatsungai. The Death of Tatsungai broke the web he had created which restored everyones memories and casted them all back into a world where Animus was a clear and present danger.


The group had many names some of which were God's Crusaders. His Majesties Disciplies, and Hebi

Otogakure, dispite having the name of a Hidden Village, was infact a Nomadic group of Shinobi, who rarely stayed in a single place for more then a month.

Many of the "Generals" of Battlefield Konoha, were infact early people abducted while Tatsungai and Tensai were in the process of creating a jutsu.

Though dead Tatsunagi still has a loyal band of followers spread throughout the Shinobi world. Some even whisper of his hopefull return.