Shinobi Story Online Jobs and PositionsEdit

Shinobi Story Online, or SSO, has diverse types of jobs your character can take part on after you complete your character creation and get to know a little bit of everyone around you. Meaning, do not finish your character creation and immediatly ask for a job or profession. Use common sense, nobody wakes up near a hospital with no recollection of how they got there and ask for stuff.

A chef, one of the many potential occupations in the Shinobi Story world.

List of JobsEdit

Fisherman - Being a fisherman is very basic. In fact, everyone on the game can fish, but the problem is that the percentage of you actually -catching- a fish on the water is somewhere around 2%. That's where the Fishermen come in. Their chances of catching fish is much higher, and fish have multiple sizes and types, as well as ultilities. You can create a business, selling fish and good prices for the people to buy and so you can raise money for yourself, or you can even do it for free, and give the money you earn to your Village so the representative of that Village can add new features and buildings. The main ultility of the fish is to take away your hunger, which will cause your strenght to be lowered when it reaches 100%, I mean, you never know. A small fish can be what decides the outcome of a big battle, life or death. And another thing. Just like the real world, fishes can be cooked, and they will take away more hunger then raw fish. I mean, that's sort of obvious, right ?

Farmer - Just like the fisherman, the Farmer also provides food to either himself, or the Village. They get a fair amount of seeds to start off with, and as the game goes on, they can buy new seeds. You must have fertilized ground in order to farm, and then you plant your seeds in them. Let the seeds grow for a little bit, and then vegetables come out !!! Remember, this might sound like a dumb or unimportant job, but Farmers are a good part of the Village's economy, and the more you farm, the more are the chances your Village can get something special.

Blacksmith - Blacksmithing is a player who uses minerals do create weapons, furniture, and etc. They have a large list of items they can create, and with an Admin's assistance, they can also create custom weapons-- weapons that usually make you feel special, or unique. And just like the other two previous mentioned jobs, they can also support the Village by giving the money earned on their smithing to the Kage or the person incharge, or even just supplying the Shinobi with free weapons in times of necessity. Blacksmiths can get their mineral from the mines by hacking at it with a sharp object.

Miners - Miners have a simple role, really. And they don't have to be doing it all the time. They, in fact, barely have to do it. Maybe once a week or so. The Miner goes to the nearest (or furthest, if you are dumb) cave to your residential area, and gets minerals. They then bring it to their blacksmith, which uses the mineral to craft items.

Teacher - The Teacher is a very important role in SSO. Since this game is based off the 'Naruto' and 'Naruto : Shippuden' series by Masashi Kishimoto, it is obvious that all Villages need Ninja. And that is where the teachers come in. The teachers are the ones incharged of passing information down to the next generation of Academy Student, so they succeed on their Genin Exam and become full pledged Shinobi.

Shopkeeper - The Shopkeeper is a person who owns a shop in the Village. They are usually either a Blacksmith, Fisherman or a Farmer trying to sell away their goods. Everyone can be a Shopkeeper, but they will most obviously fail at it if they have no goods to sell. So even if you arent a Blacksmith, Fisherman or a Farmer, you can make deals with them, like "If you give me 30% of the goods you make in a week, I will give you 40% of the profit I make", but be aware, you will most likely need to hire other people to be your cashiers, since I am sure you will not want to be in a little house all day, guards to protect you, and other things. Shopkeepers can also upgrade their shop, by making it bigger, giving it more rooms, and etc.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Being any of the jobs listed above does not mean you lost your privilege to be a Shinobi. You can do both at the same time, if you can handle it. Or you can quit your current job and just go for being a Shinobi-- but think wisely, if you are about 30 years old, and all you have done is farm, fish or something of the sort, woudn't it be a little bit weird if you entered the Academy ? Just using a little bit of logic, because I sometimes see 20 years old pretending like they are little 8 years old. Logic is essential to survive on this game, just saying.