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Shinobi Story Online is an Online Multiplayer Game where you fill the shoes of your own personal character in a rather broad world. There are many paths for your character(s) in this world as you set your own destiny and shape the world as you please.

About Shinobi Story Online

Shinobi Story Online is an Online Multiplayer Game. It utilizes the programs associated with BYOND known as DreamMaker, and DreamSeeker to operate. Run on a 2D engine and worked on by it's dedicated staff day after day, it aspires to bring a great roleplaying and gaming experience to BYOND. The theme of the game is loosely based on Naruto, using many elements from the popular series as it was inspired by the series.

The game is owned by Jetnissan. It is a roleplaying game, one where you fill the role of your character and create numerous stories with your peers. The game has Player vs Player functionality, however it is geared for a healthy balance of both RP and PvP.

The game sports three of the canononical villages from the series, however, the villages are actually different from the ones you'll find in Naruto. In it's current stage of development, the other two villages have been placed, but they've yet to be completed.

Shinobi Story Online has a large list of Jutsu, with about six jutsu of each element on average hard-coded into the game. A wide variety of non-elemental jutsu hard-coded into the game, and a number of weapons. Shinobi Story Online also sports custom jutsus, that can be made in-game and customized to fit most needs. These jutsu are considered soft-coded, and carry the same functionalities as most jutsu. Unlike other BYOND games, new jutsu can be added to Shinobi Story Online without the need of an update, as long as an icon(sprite or animated pixel art) is prepared for it.

Shinobi Story Online also sports a build system, where the map of the game can be changed, re-arranged, rennnovated, or stretched during live-gameplay using pre-coded tiles hard-coded into the game itself.

Building and Custom Jutsu making is restricted to Administrators in roleplaying servers, and are only restricted for the sake of order.

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