Sunagakure OverviewEdit

Sunagakure no Sato, otherwise known as the Village Hidden in the Sand, is a hidden village located in the Land of Wind. It makes up one of the Big Three villages alongside Konohagakure and Kirigakure. Sunagakure is located in the extreme west. Travelling to Sunagakure includes days of wandering a desert in search of the village. Sunagakure is mostly isolated from the outside world.

The village is extremely hard to infiltrate as its high-rising cliff walls block out and endure most shinobi techniques. The only accessible entrance into Sunagakure is from a narrow pathway between a break in the two cliffs. Sunagakure has come to become known as the underdog of the three villages, as it is known as the least populated and least active village of the three, though in recent times its image has come to change.

Kazekage Residence

Kazekage Mansion

Village HistoryEdit

Not much of Sunagakure's history is known today, as it's many tales and stories have been mostly lost to time. However, recent documents show that the village has been standing for many decades, and one story has overtaken all the other stories as to how Sunagakure was founded. Written by Zen!!

As the shinobi world began to reform and hunter-gatherers slowly turned to ninja and chakra, nomad groups began to ally each other. Several nomad groups that had wandered the deserts located on the border between the Wind and Fire Country grouped together and set out west with dreams of creating a village that rose out of the sand with high walls. They named the village Sunagakure no Sato: The Village Hidden in the Sand.

One man named Darrel Nectur, who was the strongest sand and wind manipulator of the newfound Sunagakure, was made Shodai Kazekage. Under Nectur's leadership and iron-fist leading style, Sunagakure began to implement its shinobi ranking system alongside its Academy. A few years into Nectur's leadership, a one-tailed beast had appeared out of the sandstorm and attacked the village. Following the sealing of the beast, Nectur had taken his own life. Paola McKenzie, the first great puppeteer in the village's history as well as Nectur's right-hand assistant, took the spot as Nidaime Kazekage.

McKenzie was not the greatest of leaders, as she spread light on the one-tailed beast incident. McKenzie did not care for the village in entirety, so at this era Sunagakure was at its greatest rate of poverty and crime. The child who had contained the beast was therefore imprisoned. This child soon spent years in imprisonment and hiding from Sunagakure, though as this child turned into a man, he took to it to kill all of the corrupt Sunagakure ninja, including McKenzie. It is rumoured this man became the third Kazekage, though his name is lost to the books.

//Entering Jet SSO Pwipe #1// This third Kazekage improved Sunagakure, and the village flourished with an outpour of talented shinobi. By then, three professions had become indigenous to Sunagakure shinobi: The art of the puppeteer, the art of the fan user, and the art of the sand manipulator. As the un-named third Kazekage disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Yondaime Kazekage Aiken was named. Aiken led Sunagakure well, improving the village furthermore.

Once more, the one-tailed beast rose up after years of slumber, attacking the village. The beast was sealed once more into a child whose name is rumoured to be 'Ikuza'. Aiken was not the most active of the kages, and he appeared publicly once in a blue moon. Under this new secretive leadership, the village did grow to have impressive shinobi, though its overall population was lower than that of its two rival villages.

Upon Aiken's extended disappearance, Enzeru Masurao was named Godaime Kazekage. Enzeru brought Sunagakure together under his military tactics. Known in legends as the Greatest Kazekage to ever Live, Enzeru became known for his upbringing of many talented shinobi. In addition, the Leone clan, one of the first Sunagakure clans to arise, came to its highest influential point. Sunagakure became a stronghold force at this time, and whilst Konohagakure and Kirigakure had seemingly collapsed, Sunagakure continued flourishing. //End of Jet SSO Pwipe #1//

Upon Enzeru's death of old age, Milla Ravenholt was named Rokudaime. Ravenholt was a mediocre leader compared to the previous Kazekage, though Ravenholt did help the village. New laws and taxes were implemented during Ravenholt's lead. As the one tailed beast seemingly disappeared from the minds of the villagers, Sunagakure began its transition from pure shinobi force to a political/economical ninja force.

Ravenholt retired, and Abouri was named Shidaime Kazekage. Abouri was reknowned among Sunagakure for his skill in all three Sunagakure professions as a sand manipulator, fan user, and puppeteer. Not much is known about Abouri's reign, as not many impressive ninja were showcased to be from Sunagakure during these times. Abouri soon died under mysterious circumstances, and Vestara Khai was named Hachidaime Kazekage.

//Entering Jet SSO Pwipe Part #2: Terraria// At this point in time, Sunagakure once again commenced its showcasing of talented ninja. Under Khai, four Sunagakure shinobi became reknown, their names: Koku, a lightning manipulator; Vivian, a genjutsu master; Toren, a puppet master; and Hiroki, a weaponry master. Unlike in previous times, Sunagakure's population rose to rival Konohagakure's and Kirigakure's.

A while into Khai's leadership, the village reknowned one-tailed beast had disappeared from the shadows and reappeared in Sunagakure once more. Breaking off a part of Sunagakure's cliffs and killing many villagers, the one tailed beast was finally sealed by Khai, though it resulted in her death. Chaos and panic spread through the village, as at this point there was no reasonable candidate for the Kazekage spot.

One of the only choices for the spot of Kazekage was eighteen year old Hiroki Fukuzashi, who at that point in time was one of the world's reknown weapon masters, though he was a heavy drinker. Though not wanting the rank initially, Hiroki was eventually named Kyuudaime Kazekage. At this point, Hiroki was the only rank higher than chuunin in the entire village, though the next genin generation proved to become one of the most powerful ninja to be recorded in Sunagakure's history (alongside the generation under Enzeru Masurao).

At the next chuunin exams, the Sunagakure shinobi dominated, resulting in several sand ninja achieving the rank of chuunin. Sunagakure began expanding economically at this point, becoming the richest shinobi village in the world despite it also being the most isolated. At this point, Animus destroyed all of the shinobi villages, though this action is not recorded in Sunagakure's official history. After Hiroki left the Kazekage post for unknown reasons, Kai Regalado, one of the former genin in the village, was named Juudaime Kazekage.

Regalado soon died a few years into his leadership under circumstances involving Otogakure and Tatsunagi Hitokiri, Hiroki's cousin Ryoku Fukuzashi was named the next Kazekage. Ryoku was a blacksmith-turned-shinobi, as he was forced to become a genin by Hiroki. Ryoku soon died almost a month into his leadership, and the village of Sunagakure became abandoned as the shinobi world grew into turmoil.

Some time after the Konoha/Shinobi Force vs Otogakure war, a small group of ninja led by Christopher Wallace Fukuzashi, travelled from Konohagakure to Sunagakure. Rebuilding soon occured thereafter, and in some time Sunagakure was completely rebuilt. Christopher was named the next Kazekage. This was a strange occurence in Sunagakure's history, as it was the first time the Kazekage has come from the same family (Fukuzashi: Hiroki, Ryoku, Christopher).

Currently Sunagakure is preparing for its next mark in the shinobi world..To be continued...

Notable PlacesEdit


Kage Mansion

The Kazekage Mansion - Where most Village Meetings occur. It contains the office of the Kazekage and Village Council. Most scrolls are deposited here, though they only contain village tax records and law documents.


Sunagakure Academy

The Sunagakure Academy - The Ninja Academy. You spawn near here when you make a character in Sunagakure. The Academy only is composed of one classroom, though it includes levelled seating. Whenever the bell rings, students and villagers alike flock here.


Weapons Shop

Weapons Shop - it is a headquarters for aspiring blacksmiths and weaponists alike. Not much occurs in the weapons shop, though it is reknown for its heavy exports. It is a workshop for creating puppets, fans, poisons, and anything unique to Sunagakure. There are current plans to hire people to work for the weapons shop.


Clothes Shop

Village Clothes Shop - directly east of the Academy and Weapons Shop. You can get free haircuts here. In addition, you can buy scrolls and clothes here. Normally a destination for people new to the village. It also sells two items unique to only Sunagakure: the desert cloak and hat.


Village Gate

The Village Gate - does not contain a gate, is instead a walkway between two patrolled cliffs. The only entrance to Sunagakure by foot. The village cliff-walls extend from the gate.


Village Houses

Housing District - the main and only residential area of Sunagakure. The houses are all adobe, and people live there.


Cliff Walkway

The Cliff Path - a steep path that provides access to the village cliffs.

Village Customs/RulesEdit

Sunagakure Mountain

Sunagakure from the Cliffs

Sunagakure is isolated from the rest of the world, thus it has developed its own culture. People in Sunagakure treat each other with politeness and respect, and most of Sunagakure's population have known to become more down to earth than the two other shinobi villages.


A.. One shall not murder another from Suna unless acting in self defence.

B.. One shall not attack another from Suna.

C.. One shall not steal from others in Suna.

D..One shall not perform lewd acts.

E.. One shall not lie.

Shinobi CodeEdit

1. Remain loyal to Sunagakure, its village, its people, its shinobi.

2. Respect your superiors.

3. The mission is your priority. Follow your orders and assignments. If it comes to it, saving your comrade will be more important than receiving the yen. Never leave a comrade behind.

4. Keep your word. Mean what you say.

5. You shall be the best, and you shall bring pride to Suna.

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