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The third stage of the Sharingan.

The Uchiha are one of the four formidable clans that inhabit Konohagakure. They possess the Sharingan; the prized kekkei genkai - demonic doujutsu. There are three normal stages to the Sharingan, one may depict 1 tomoe, the other 2 and finally 3. The doujutsu harbours many secrets including the Mangekyō Sharingan. Not many within the clan know about it, it's better off seen as a myth. There have been various Uchiha with the ability to use it, perhaps some with the ability still live today.

The clan is known for bringing the uttermost destruction to a variety of villages, including the populace that inhabit them. Alarming rumors have been spreading around indicating that the Uchiha are in fact associated with Animus due to the power or potential power that they possess - they're called witches. In the present, they hide in secrecy and some even have the audacity to talk to non-Uchiha who share the opinion of exterminating the Uchiha. Some have been killed by the ninja of Konohagakure, making a variety of Uchiha angry.

Present Day

Very few know about the Uchiha's troubled past in Konohagakure and even fewer consider them to be 'Witches'. Still, many Uchiha hide their names in fear of what could happen again.

Noteable Members

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Uchiha, Jetniss (Explain)

Uchiha, Anko (Explain)

Uchiha, Godric (Maybe?)